About Us

A US-Based Supplier of PPE, Medical and Safety Products

AA Medical Supplies is a US-Based supplier of best-in-class PPE, Medical and Safety Products. With Offices and Warehouses across the US, we are able to deliver large and small orders directly from our warehouses in as little as 24 hours nationwide.

Our mission is to source and supply the best available medical, health and safety products for any environment . We only offer well researched, safety and certification verified, authentically manufactured product, to allow our buyers to feel protected and confident in any environment.

Why AA Medical is Unique

Our team of buyers strategically located around the world source, verify and inspect every product and factory. We then purchase and shepherd the best in class items to our warehouses in the US before offering them with confidence to US buyers.

Confirmation of Performance

Government: AA Medical Supplies has large ongoing PPE contracts across the US, supplying multiple States, Counties and Cities, and over 160 School Districts.

Healthcare: AA Medical currently supplies many of the largest Healthcare and Hospital Companies in the Country. We also are able to satisfy smaller facilities’ needs, and have recurring contracts to supply long term care facilities, clinics, Veteran’s Homes and even Veterinary hospitals.

Corporate: We supply multiple large and small corporations and the Hospitality industry with various COVID safe work environment products, and actively consult these sectors on best practices and can recommend the best products or technology solution for each unique environment.

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